Avalon Hans

Avalon Hans is a humanist sans serif typeface designed for the Vietnamese language and its unique set of additional diacritcs for tones. Inspired by Paul D. Hunt's Source Sans and Hermann Zapf's Optima, Avalon Hans is a typeface that strives to make reading comfotable and enjoyable on both screen and print.

Avalon Hans' humanist personality is given character by its subtle contrasts in weight. The subtle "pinching" seen in selected areas such as the link of the "g" and shoulder of the "n" and the "h", and the higher x-height and capline encourages better legibility and readability.

avalon portfolio imageavalon portfolio image avalon portfolio image avalon portfolio image

Final Design & Observations

As my first typeface design, it was an eye-opener to how powerful typefaces can be in setting the tone and mood in a reader's experience. Even the mot subtle of details in typographic composition can have a major influence in how information can be perceived. Special thanks to my professor, Renée Alleyn, for her guidance with this project.

Project Details

  • Adobe Illustrator & Indesign
  • Typography
  • Glyphs